Deming Circle LLC. is a company dedicated to helping service industry by improving quality, speed, customer satisfaction, and costs. The foundation of Deming Circle is laid on the key elements of Six Sigma Methodology which consists of People, Process and Technology/Tools.

Deming Circle can assist organizations achieve their and their customer’s quality goals by training the right individuals to the chosen (belt) level. A hands-on training module with experienced instructor helps students understand the existing process from a fresh perspective. All training modules are balanced with experiments to understand and master the skills needed to drive improvements.

What is Six Sigma?
More than just a training, Six Sigma is a proven, effective business tool.  Six Sigma’s focus on eliminating defects and reducing variability allows organizations to streamline their business processes. The fundamental objective of the Six Sigma methodology is to use evidence-based strategies to define and improve existing processes.

Six Sigma methodology is based on Deming’s Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) model and consists of five stages: Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control.

By mastering six sigma techniques, known as DMAIC, any organization or individual can set financial targets to reduce cost and increase profits. Many enterprises, whether small or large, have employed this management strategy and have achieved high rates of success, throughout the country and the world.
six sigma


Which industries can benefit from Six Sigma?
Six Sigma is not focused on sales or marketing but rather on improving production quality and therefore it is applicable to industries across the board. Any industry that aims to drive improvements based on quantitative data analysis can benefit from Six Sigma techniques. Six Sigma helps reduce variations and recurrence to sustain and control process within defined standards.

Manufacturing and retail are often the first industries that come to mind when one considers applying a business methodology, but diverse industries such as healthcare, hospitality or even government offices can greatly benefit from improving the capability of their processes through a training session. Six Sigma helps reduce “Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ)” which can help industries reach long and short term financial goals..